What Is Local SEO & Why It’s More Important Than Ever

Believe it or not, this is not a new concept. But over the past 5 years with Google’s algorithm being able to decipher (by no means is it perfect) a searcher’s local intent along with increased mobile usage, Local SEO has become more important than ever. (As I reference “search engines”…you can guess which one […]

how to use google keyword planner

How to Use Google Keyword Planner for Local SEO

For the past few months I have been asked to create a tutorial regarding the new Google Keyword Planner and how it pertains to Local SEO. Truthfully, I had not used the Google Keyword tool in quite some time and when I logged in to find this disruptive change, I was lost and just turned […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO

Local SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become an increasingly important tool for online businesses. It’s become particularly important for gaining online visibility, especially when targeting clients in a specific location. Studies have shown that a majority of internet users rely on search engines to look up business recommendations and discover new businesses. Whether you’re […]


How to Handle Bad Reviews on Google+ Local and Yelp!

Bad reviews are something all business owners have to deal with sooner or later. And while it’s easy to take such criticism personally, it’s important to take a proactive role in making sure that your business addresses negative reviews properly. Make Sure You Know the Review Guidelines Inside-Out Review sites like Yelp and Google+ Local […]


5 Highly Effective Local Link Building Ideas for Your Site

5 Highly Effective Local Link Building Ideas for Your Site A growing number of SEO specialists are starting to believe that link building is dead. Google has not only rendered link spamming obsolete, it’s now penalizing sites for trying to spam their way to the top. But what SEO experts need to recognize is that […]


Local SEO: 10 Tips for Ranking in Your City

Local SEO: 10 Tips for Ranking in Your City The internet is a great tool for customers to find your business, but with a lot of small and medium businesses promoting their services online, it’s easy to get drowned out by the crowd. When it comes to raising your local search engine rankings, here are […]

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